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The Estalagem da Cegonha (Stork´s  Inn) is a historical oasis, tucked discreetly among bougain- villaea  and located at the heart of Vilamoura, one of Europe´s most complete and diversified tourist resorts.  

The surrounding countryside and the proximity of the beach, provide an intimate and relaxing atmosphere.

Four Hundred years of History

The Estalagem da Cegonha building, former residence of the Lord of Santa Catarina de Quarteira, witnessed numerous historical facts, for over four hundred years, which turned this old Manor into Historic and Cultural heritage.

The most illustrious owner of this Manor, Gonçalo Nunes Barreto, the first Lord of Quarteira, belonged to one of the most illustrious Portuguese families of the 1400s, having inherited a fabulous fortune from his parents, consisting of countless goods and lands. A man of great influence before King João I, he was a crucial element in the expansionist politics of the Portuguese crown – having actively participated in the conquest of the Moroccan town of Ceuta – and occupied important military positions in Northern Africa.

Amongst many illustrious Portuguese figures staying at this Manor, the name of fearless and legendary King Sebastião, who stayed at the Manor in January of 1573, according to records dating back to that time, should be emphasised.   
This Manor also witnessed the birth, around 1536 or 1537, of the very beautiful Lady Francisca of Aragon, a lady as beautiful as honest, who joined the Lisbon Court at the age of 12 and, according to Teófilo Braga, inspired poet Luíz Vaz de Camões in his tender lyrical poetry and would have suggested to him the theme of immortal poem "Os Lusíadas".

Part of this property, including the old Manor, was acquired by the Grão Pará Corporate Group on the 19th of October of 1971; in successive refurbishment works performed so far, the Group has always maintained the original characteristics and aspect of the Manor, now changed into a harmonious resort, consisting of the Inn and the Vilamoura Riding Centre, where the memory survives, proud and alive, of its distinguished and glorious past.

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